Our Approach

After a successful two and one-half years run of algorithmic trading of US equities (2015, 11.7%; 2016. 20.2%; and one-half of 2017, 7.6%), our focus changed to seeking larger returns on the investment by moving to algorithmic trading in futures, primarily financial futures.  Results get tallied beginning January, 2019, after an approximate two year planning process including the code writing incumbent to accomplish these futures trades successfully.

Then, with the rise and fall of crypto-currency, the rise in late 2017 and the fall throughout most of 2018, our interest turned to creating an algorithmic trading program for crypto-currency beginning shortly after the point at which the SEC approves an ETF for this asset class.  That point should stabilize the entire class, but at a higher price point for most of the currencies in the asset class, at which time algorithmic trading should prove quite successful across the top 200 or so currencies in the class. 
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